ConnectTel Becomes Connect Tech+Talent

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ConnectTel is being rebranded to Connect Tech & Talent because this closely reflects the services that we provide to clients in the tech hiring space.

ConnectTel was started in 1996 by engineers to help companies solve technology problems. As our track record on projects grew, companies sought to hire our skilled technology professionals to join their team. Gradually our focus shifted from executing technology projects to helping companies build winning teams.

Connect Tech & Talent’s mission is to help clients by connecting them with the right talent and technology to ensure the success of their projects. 

For candidates, we connect you with the right employer and role that will help you reach your goals faster.

As we move towards our third decade as a business, we recognize our services and focus has changed – to keep up with evolving technologies and our customer needs.  We believe that Connect Tech & Talent is the best representation of who we are and what we do.

Today with 20+ years of tech hiring track record coupled with 200k+ of internal candidate database, Connect Tech & Talent is geared to handle the upcoming market challenges and help the clients build high performing teams.

If you would like to connect with our team of hiring experts about your talent needs, you can reach us at or call us at 512-338-1111.

How can Connect Tech+Talent Help?

Connect Tech+Talent is in the business of finding the right talent for companies. Connect Tech+Talent takes the overbearing burden of finding human resources with the right skill set and lets companies focus on their core business. We specialise in IT jobs, helping businesses build and ramp up their technical staffing. We help build entire teams with the right set of skills in the technology that best suits their business.

We at Connect Tech+Talent will also help you as a candidate to acquire most sought after technical skills and forward your candidature to leading enterprises with global reach.

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